Redeemer City Church exists to share and spread the liberating power of the gospel.

Vision and Values

Love God

  • The Word – We preach the Bible and believe it to be the very word of God.
  • Prayer – We believe in the power of prayer, so we pray, a lot.
  • Praise – We lift high the name of Jesus and seek to make Him famous.

Share Good News

  • Evangelism – We seek to reach people who are far from God.
  • Unity & Diversity – We believe the church should reflect heaven. We focus on the things that unite us, not divide us. We seek to build a church that resembles God’s family of many tribes, nations, and tongues (Rev. 5:9).
  • Growth – Genuine Christ-followers grow. We value the spiritual disciplines that encourage spiritual growth.
  • City groups – We seek to grow larger and smaller at the same time. The most effective life change happens in the small group environment.

Serve The City

  • Missions – We value seeing the kingdom of God expand through supporting missions both local and abroad.
  • Service – We look to serve, not be served.
  • Creativity & Innovation – The message is unchanging, but methods are changing. We seek to use our God-given creativity to serve and bring value to the culture of our city.