About Us

Our story

Redeemer City Church was planted in early 2016 in the downtown/Tampa Heights area. But our plan was never about starting another church. It’s always been about JESUS and bringing the Kingdom of God to earth just as it is in heaven.

You’ll find people here from all different walks of life. We’re in a passionate pursuit to bridge the gap between ages, socio-economic statuses, and races.

We desire to foster a community that in a small way depicts heaven and is composed of believers from every tribe, nation, and tongue who are being gripped by grace.

As our church family grows, we ask ourselves, “If the Kingdom of God was in the center of Tampa, what would this city look like?” Tampa would be a redeemed city. And so we are Redeemer City Church. Here to influence the beautiful melting pot of Tampa with the life-changing message of the gospel.

Time and Location:

Sundays at 10:30 AM
2901 N Highland Ave, Tampa, FL 33602

Our Mission

Redeemer City Church exists to share and spread the liberating power of the gospel.

What To Expect

We understand that everyone’s faith journey is unique, and our diverse range of programs caters to those differences. Explore our life stage-specific offerings and equip yourself to deepen your relationship with God, build lasting friendships, and experience transformative personal development.

Come As You Are

At Redeemer, there is no dress code. Wear what makes you feel comfortable!

Bring The Kids

Redeemer Kids Ministry is at the ready to teach your kids about Jesus in a kid-friendly environment, infused with fun. For children from birth through 10 years, Redeemer Kids is available during each worship experience so that you can enjoy your time at Redeemer knowing your children are having a great time.


Redeemer City Church is located on a city corner. In addition to street parking, there are available spaces in several lots surrounding our building. If you’re new, just look for the VISITOR PARKING signage.

Vision And Values

  • Love God

    The Word:
    We preach the Bible and believe it to be the very word of God.

    We believe in the power of prayer, so we pray, a lot.

    We lift high the name of Jesus and seek to make Him famous.

  • Share Good News

    We seek to reach people who are far from God.

    Unity & Diversity:
    We believe the church should reflect heaven. We focus on the things that unite us, not divide us. We seek to build a church that resembles God’s family of many tribes, nations, and tongues (Rev. 5:9).

    Genuine Christ-followers grow. We value the spiritual disciplines that encourage spiritual growth.

    City groups:
    We seek to grow larger and smaller at the same time. The most effective life change happens in the small group environment.

  • Serve The City

    We value seeing the kingdom of God expand through supporting missions both local and abroad.

    We look to serve, not be served.

    Creativity & Innovation:
    The message is unchanging, but methods are changing. We seek to use our God-given creativity to serve and bring value to the culture of our city.